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      Aluminum profile applications
      Work tables
      Machine frame
      Production lines
      Pipe rack applications
      Work tables
      Turnover vehicle
      Production lines
      Auto equipment applications
      Aluminum profile applications series The main use of  European standard aluminum profiles and accessories, according to customer drawings required cutting assembly. Mainly used for automated machinery and production lines, such as automatic machine frame, sealing cover, line, work tables, display cabinets, shelves and other products. The characteristics of aluminum profiles Industrial aluminum surface after oxidation, appearance is very beautiful, and dir... Detail >>
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      ADDR: No.44 Lengshui'an Road, Yinjiang Town,Haishu District, Ningbo City, 315151, China
      TEL: +0086-574-8803 0988
      FAX: +0086-574-8808 0798
      WEBSITE: www.varshasown.com
      E-MAIL: dfh@ningbodfh.cn

      Ningbo Defa Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the southern outskirts of Ningbo City, near Ningbo airport and seaport, very convenient to transportation. The company is about 12,000 square meters and has already invested total RMB 8,600,000 for its prducts and equipments. 

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      Address:No.44 Lengshui'an Road, Yinjiang Town,Haishu District, Ningbo City, 315151, China
      Tel:0086-574-8803 0988 Fax:0086-574-8808 0798
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