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      Aluminium Profiles
      Profile 20
      Profile 30
      Profile 40
      Profile 45
      Profile 80
      Profile 90
      Chinese Standard
      Aluminium Profile Accessories
      Bolts & Screws
      Bolt & Sleeve Connectors
      Profile Connectors
      Leveling Foot & Floor Bracket
      Cable Clips & Uniblocks
      End Caps
      Slot Cover & Panel Clamp
      Handles/Tool Hangers/Locks
      Conveyor Parts
      Lock Lever
      Connector for Profile&Pipe
      Connector for Guard Bar
      Aluminum Pipe Rack System
      Aluminum Pipe Φ28 & Connectors
      Aluminum Pipe Φ43 & Connectors
      Aluminum Pipe Φ30 & Connectors
             Aluminum Profile and Accessories Factory: This factory produces all kinds of aluminum profiles including 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, 45x45, 80x80, ect.    All of our products are strictly made according to international quality management system ISO9001-2000.The products are mainly exported to more than 20 abroad countries and regions such as Germany, France, Italy and other European countries. We have also entrusted several agents in other countries ... Detail >>
          New Products
      ADDR: No.44 Lengshui'an Road, Yinjiang Town,Haishu District, Ningbo City, 315151, China
      TEL: +0086-574-8803 0988
      FAX: +0086-574-8808 0798
      WEBSITE: www.varshasown.com
      E-MAIL: dfh@ningbodfh.cn

      Ningbo Defa Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the southern outskirts of Ningbo City, near Ningbo airport and seaport, very convenient to transportation. The company is about 12,000 square meters and has already invested total RMB 8,600,000 for its prducts and equipments. 

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      Address:No.44 Lengshui'an Road, Yinjiang Town,Haishu District, Ningbo City, 315151, China
      Tel:0086-574-8803 0988 Fax:0086-574-8808 0798
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